La View Menu


Spring Roll 60 k
Vegetable spring roll with salad and peanut sauce

Crispy Calamari 85 k
Crispy calamari with bread crumb and tartar sauce

Fish and Chip 90 k
Fried fish with lemon mayo and salad

French Fries 40 k


Traditional Mie Goreng 102 k
Fried noodle with chicken , eggs and crackers

Indonesia Nasi Goreng 102 k
Fried rice with chicken , eggs and crackers

Chicken Curry 121 k
Chicken stew with bean curd and coconut milk

Black Pepper Beef 148 k
Stir fried beef with vegetable and oyster sauce


Chicken Sandwich 98 k
Grilled chicken ,lettuce , tomato and french fries

Club Sandwich 112 k
Chicken , tomato , bacon ,eggs and cheese

Served with french fries and salad


Create Your Own Pasta
Spaghetti , Tagliatelle , Fettucine dan Penne

Choice of sauce :


Beers 58
Bintang 330 ml
Bali Hai 330 ml

Mineral Water
Balian Mineral 42

Sparkling Water
Balian Sparkling Water 50
Perier Mineral Water 55

Soft Drinks 48
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Tonic Water, Soda Water

Pot of Tea 45
— Ask your server for our tea selection —
Black Tea, Green Tea

Coffee 45
Fresh brew pot coffee

Ice Cold 45
Iced Lemon Tea
Iced Coffee

Wine 600/Bottle
Two Island Chardonnay, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Riesling, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Sauvignon Blanc, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Pinot Grigio, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Cabernet, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Shiraz, Australia – Indonesia
Two Island Pinot Noir, Australia – Indonesia