Have you been wondering what is “Immortelle Divine Secret”?

It appears most of the time in Kupu Kupu Barong’s website homepage all the times with its 3 Nights package for an everlasting youth.

Immortelle Divine Secret by L’Occitane is one of the most famous Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane facial treatment using Immortelle beauty product as the main ingredient of the treatment. Immortelle is known as everlasting flower which never fades, even after it has been picked. This essential oil from Immortelle flower has unique anti-aging properties.

Immortelle Divine Secret has been an all-time favourite for Kupu Kupu Barong or Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane’s fans; both for its staying package or facial treatment. To enjoy fully of “Immortelle Divine Secret”, you may try out choosing “3 Nights to Stay Forever Young” package for complimentary of the facial treatment, Divine Spa treatment, yoga, 28 days “Divine Renewal Program” kit by L’Occitane, special and unique flower menu lunch and one time dinner at the renowned Bird Nest.