After the wedding, here comes the fun part; the Honeymoon!

Known for its uniqueness and greatness in showing much affection, as many people would agree, Bali is a perfect destination for honeymooners with a combination of scenic beauty, culture and adventure. Starting with the wedding, you can create your own wedding style in Bali. Be it traditional, modern, ethnic or the simplest one, Bali has everything for everyone. And the best thing about throwing your wedding party in Bali is you can also get a romantic honeymoon getaway to explore on a romantic journey with your new wife or husband.

If you and your partner are adventurous types of people, there are heaps of activities on this island. If the party is your style, stay on the southern coast and take your partner to the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. For beach lovers, Bali is heaven! Take your partner for a romantic walk along the pristine beach with the soft velvety sand under your feet, and feel the freshness of the air. Take a shade beneath the huge tropical trees and enjoy sips of tropical drink. Find a non-touristy beach where you can spend hours swimming with your loved one in the sparkling water or lazing around on the sand with hardly anyone else around. It is pretty easy to discover an exclusive spot somewhere on this island to cuddle up and enjoy the sunset or sunrise with your beloved in your arms.

However, if both of you prefer to spend the whole day in a peaceful and quiet surrounding, Ubud is very popular among honeymooning couples, offering tranquillity and relaxation to the core in total privacy, maximising your cosiness during your quality time. Now, the next big question is “Where to stay in Ubud?”

Imagine yourself, waking up in the villas with all the amazing scenery, warm sunrise, and the songs of birds singing that lighten up your day…

Honeymoon Pool Villa
Kupu Kupu Barong Villas & Tree Spa by L’Occitane will allow you to experience the richness of Bali’s natural resources through the exquisiteness of breathtaking scenery. Discovering Indonesian culture and environment while relaxing in the romantic surrounding is definitely the most rewarding treat that you can give to your loved one. The property has a lot to offer, not only for physical and intellectual value but also for the eyes.

As you waltz through the wood door into the matchless oasis of tranquillity, a private plunge pool will greet you, saying “Welcome Home”. At this point, you can straight away imagine yourself taking a dip, lolling under the warm sun on the outdoor chaise lounges and poolside chairs with your lover. The exquisite luminance from the sun and musical instrument of the wild birds are the additional value to make you feel as if God is bestowing the wisdom of life.

A spacious room with Balinese style decorations will amaze you when you step into the villa. An amazing view overlooking at Ayung River Valley and lush green paddies field will spontaneously bring your honeymoon getaway to the next level. This is a real definition of tranquillity! Divided into three levels up, the Honeymoon Pool Villa is designed with masterly artwork in mind. The thatched roofs, redwood walls, teak and coconut shell panelling and sumptuous local fabrics weave a spell of exotic refinement. You will notice the quality of the pieces of furniture made from hardwood with splendid artistic designs. Definitely world class!

Romantic Dinner at the Birdnest
Share a romantic evening with a loved one on a unique floating dining setting under a canopy of stars. Against a natural backdrop of timeless woodland greenery and the enchanting Ayung River Valley, this private niche will be enveloped by flickering candles and scattering of perfumed flower blossoms. The culinary team of the villa will set-up a nice, romantic setting for your unforgettable evening.

Breakfast in Style
Breakfast by the pool is outdated now as you can have your breakfast right inside the pool. The floating breakfast at the Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud will start your day in the most extraordinary way. Enjoy your floating breakfast where you will be served mouth-watering breakfast on a floating tray in your own private plunge pool. The butler will then set sail the three-course gourmet breakfast with the choice of your favourite coffee, tea or juice. This is the ultimate indulgence when you are a honeymooner; celebrating the spirit of love.

Get Pampered
You cannot miss going to the Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane for a day of relaxation and unwinding. This spa offers a retreat of serenity – the ultimate barefooted sanctuary for Spa and Beauty rituals on this part of the island. An enlightened feeling of lightness encircles as you doze to the sound of the thrashing surf, all the while experiencing a sensual afterglow and the transformation of mind and body. A perfect retreat for the honeymooners, this spa offers over rituals ranging from massage, body scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Their signature treatment is Shea Nurturing Body Massage. This exclusive massage features all of their signature techniques to best target individual needs: Relaxing light strokes and deep tissue pressures focused especially on the back area release stress and muscular tension while revitalising strokes and hot stones combat tiredness, enhance toxin elimination and boost energy. The nourishing, repairing and protecting properties of Shea butter make this massage a moment of pure escape with extraordinary benefits for your skin. Skin is left soft and deeply nourished. The whole body feels replenished!

When it comes to expressing love, the sky is the limit. Engage with art, connect with culture, pursue pampering, seek enlightenment or simply listen to the rice grow. Let’s create your own honeymoon moment in style at Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud.